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Experience the rare and extraordinary one-of-a-kind teas of the Native American Southwest.
You have found the home of
rare ho-hoi-si teas.

Ho-hoi-si ~ Sacred blessing from The Creator.
Magical longevity secret.

The power of ho-hoi-si to promote good health and longevity is legendary among Native Americans living in the American Southwest desert. Earthy ho-hoi-si blesses all of our delicious artisan blends.

~ Explore this website and discover
the magical secret of ho-hoi-si. ~

Wild Anasazi Tea is the only known purveyor of ho-hoi-si tea blends in the world. We are pleased to offer you tea varieties that satisfy your quest to find something surprisingly different, as well as your enjoyment of more traditional tastes.

Our teas are made with the highest quality all-natural ingredients. Always fresh, our premium black and green base teas have been selected from some of the finest tea gardens in the world.

You may purchase our brand, or you may customize your own tin canisters or individually wrapped tea bags. Offering rare custom teas in your specialty shop, hotel, natural foods store, restaurant or office will set your business apart from the rest.






* It is general courtesy to take no photos of Native Americans or their homes (their belief is that photos may capture one’s spirit). Any photos of Native Americans on this website are public domain, and were not taken by us.

Canyon de Chelly, Navajoland
Taste our teas and note with pleasure the deep smooth flavor and warm, pleasing aroma. And enjoy, because with each sip you support low-income Native Americans living on reservations in the Great Southwest Desert who hand-pick the "wild tea."

It is an honor to introduce you to ho-hoi-si and our fair trade teas. We think you will delight in browsing these pages filled with "Old West" images of red rock mesas and open sky …the native lands of wild ho-hoi-si.*

"How have you lived so long?"
the old Medicine Man was asked.
He replied
"I wake up early, I sing to the corn and I drink ho-hoi-si."
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