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Experience the rare and extraordinary one-of-a-kind teas of the Native American Southwest.
Wild Anasazi Tea is a fair trade tea company
specializing in rare Native American
ho-hoi-si tea blends.

Brief history:

1997: Company established in Santa Fe, New Mexico (dba Ethical Trade Goods)
Owner: Noel Sutter
Associates: Native Americans residing on reservations in the American Southwest (individuals' names omitted to respect their privacy), licensed tea factories in California and New York, business consultants, tea importer GS Haley Co. (est. 1889)
2001: Exclusive distribution rights given to a Swiss company (rights expired 2004)
2002: Tea distribution in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, and USA
2007: Company name change to Wild Anasazi Tea


Santa Fe, New Mexico

It began with a story...

In mid-1990 a European UN dignitary was invited by a chief of a reservation near Gallup, New Mexico, to come for a visit. While the two gentlemen sat they were served ho-hoi-si, the traditional "tea." The European gentleman liked the brew very much. He asked the chief if his people sold this tea. The chief said no. He told the chief the tea was very good, and he was certain people would buy it.

In 1997, the owner of Wild Anasazi Tea was in Santa Fe, New Mexico, looking for a fair trade product that poor Native Americans living on reservations could provide. She heard the story of the UN dignitary's visit to "The Res." Soon thereafter, she set out to find where the herb grew on Native American reservation lands. With the help of the locals, she found it. She also found impoverished Native American families living in remote areas of the desert with no running water or electricity.

The Native American harvesters come from such remote areas. They rejoice in picking “wild tea,” chant at times while picking …and are they ever happy for the money!

Ten years later Wild Anasazi Tea continues to sell delicious ho-hoi-si teas to specialty shops, grocery stores, hotels, cafes, and on the internet.

Thank you, our customers, for helping to provide needed income for Native American families living on reservations in the American Southwest desert.

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All Rights Reserved.