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Experience the rare and extraordinary one-of-a-kind teas of the Native American Southwest.
Join those who have made these teas their own!
Personalize a single tin, or a 5 tea assortment. Enjoy them at home, your office, give them away as gifts, or use them to promote your event.

Or personalize case packs. Upscale your store, café or hotel with quality ho-hoi-si teas as your own exclusive, premium brand.

Why should your business have custom ho-hoi-si teas?

National brands are widely distributed and can be purchased almost anywhere. By personalizing one-of-a-kind, high quality teas you will add distinction to your business.

Customizing (or private labeling) teas offers you the opportunity to build recognition for your business. Every time a customer opens your exotic tea sitting on the countertop the customer is reminded where the product was purchased. Moreover, the social component of supporting impoverished Native Americans living on reservations demonstrates to others that your business has social conscience. Higher recognition, quality tea, and delightful taste will get customers back into your store more often.

"White House" Anasazi ruin, Arizona
"Close your eyes and you see better and hear better. "
~ Navajo
As demographics and cultures change, the demand for high quality and extraordinary teas is accelerating. Trends and marketplace dynamics point out that now is the time for small and medium-sized business to consider the power of customizing to leave their mark.
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Customize individually wrapped tea bags ~

Choose beautiful labels either from our Southwest Collection or our Curtis Collection (view round tea bag labels on the Teas pages). Or submit your own artwork. Our graphics department can do the work at a very competitive rate. Custom display boxes with personalized plaques available upon request.

Individual foil-lined tea bags by Special Order only. Large minimums apply. Please email wholesale@Wildanasazi.com for details.

Would you like to discuss custom flavors? Decaffeinated teas? Silken pyramid sachets? Please let us know.

Regular customers: if you are purchasing custom teas on a regular basis please email us. We are happy to consider adjusting your price.

We look forward to working with you as your private label wholesale partner!
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