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Experience the rare and extraordinary one-of-a-kind teas of the Native American Southwest.
These tea blends are made for those whose appreciation for exotic, fine teas is matched
only by their desire for a happier world.
Many Native Americans live hard lives in poverty on their reservations. Most of the families we work with have no running water or electricity. Our pickers of "wild tea" live remotely in the desert of the Four Corners Region, USA.


"We used the last one [fair trade premium] to put up the fence, to keep the wild horse's, and cattle's out. We hope we will be picking a lot more tea!"
~ Ho-hoi-si Picker
The Sentinel, by Edward S. Curtis

Wild Anasazi Tea adheres to the fair trade criteria put forward by the Fair Trade Federation, USA. Fair trade aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups and/or groups that typically have been exploited.

Wild Anasazi Tea will always:

 Pay fair or higher wages in the local context;
 Work to create more democratically-run workplaces;
 Ensure environmental sustainability in harvesting practices;
 Respect cultural identity;
 Offer public accountability; and
 Work to educate consumers about fair trade practices.

To learn more about fair trade go to www.fairtradefederation.com

Our goal is to help Native Americans preserve their dignity and to gain more control over their lives. You help them every time you sip a ho-hoi-si blend. Please make this your “everyday” tea. Share it with your friends. And if you know of a local store that may like to sell these quality teas please email us and let us know.

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