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Experience the rare and extraordinary one-of-a-kind teas of the Native American Southwest.

Harvested for centuries in the wilds of Arizona and New Mexico by Native Americans,
ho-hoi-si grows only in the
“Old West.”

HO-HOI-SI - The Discovery
Native American medicine claims ho-hoi-si flushes the kidneys and purifies the blood. Modern studies show ho-hoi-si is rich in certain polyphenols (a subclass of antioxidants) known to:
 counter the effects of free radicals in the body that contribute to aging and chronic disease
 calm the body, providing relief from the stress of everyday life.
Anasazi village, Mesa Verde, Arizona circa 1250 AD.
Archaeologists digging in ancient red rock canyons found ho-hoi-si twigs among cooking pots dating its use back over 1000 years to the mysterious Anasazi civilization. Today ho-hoi-si is still widely drunk every day by native peoples and their children. They drink ho-hoi-si tea for their enjoyment, to calm an inner storm, and as a longevity infusion.

Ho-hoi-si adds an "earthy" characteristic to our traditionally blended teas. It has the magical ability to mask hints of astringency teas can sometimes have due to over-brewing, or from sitting for a while in the pot. One sip and you will note the smooth undertones ho-hoi-si brings to black and green tea blends.

The ho-hoí-si in these blends is pure, carefully dried and packaged. It was hand-harvested in the Southwest desert using traditional methods by Native Americans.
"When we gather the plant we give prayer and explain why it is being removed from its home. If we don't do this we break the balance and harmony with Mother Earth. We gather it from all four directions, to keep balance, and we never take more than can be used, always leaving some behind."
~ Navajo Picker
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