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Experience the rare and extraordinary one-of-a-kind teas of the Native American Southwest.

OUR TEAS - Herbal Tea Blends

Bear Clan "Original"
Ho-hoi-si & Wild Mint Tea

If you lived centuries ago in the high desert around the Grand Canyon, you would have known ho-hoi-si. As a child you would have learned it is a gift made abundant by The Creator. You may have drank it every day ~ as a warm infusion mingled with wild mint ~ before eventually falling asleep on those cold, brisk desert nights.

Brew of the Ancients

100% Natural
24 Tea bags
Net wt. 53g (1.9oz)
No caffeine
Great iced!

Ingredients: Mints found in the Southwest, ho-hoi-si picked in the wilds.


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Dr. Charles P.
Carmel, California
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